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16 Thoughts to “Fake Bitcoin Sender Software Now available for Purchase”

  1. Anonymous

    Men it’s really expensive

    1. Unless you don’t know what you are buying. If you know it won’t be expensive

  2. CyberStar

    This Software is Mad 😳, haven’t you it thou

  3. How can I get the software
    Reply my email

  4. Anonymous

    Guy una just de bust my brain, but we fit negotiate..?

  5. Anonymous

    Sir I paid for the fake Bitcoin please check your WhatsApp messages

  6. vmkbvyrq

    What a great tool you have here

  7. Anonymous

    Is this still available

  8. bernard

    What’s the difference between this one and the former btc fake transaction. I mean coinceller

  9. Bounce

    How sure that if I send money for cadro pro version 9, I will get the app because am afraid of loosing the small money I have…..

    1. You won’t loose any dime.

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