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29 Thoughts to “Flash Funds Tool Review + Apk App Download”

  1. Anonymous

    Dm me on Whatsapp..only serious minded buyers …08067101899

  2. XXXMajor

    How do I know it’s genuine contact

  3. Jason

    How do I get your bitcoin address?

  4. Josh

    What is your WhatsApp number and email address I am interested

  5. Bon Hills

    Am Interested, How Do i get the app

  6. I need a bank payment method

  7. Anonymous

    I want to know,if i should send someone fake alert using flash funds can I also get fake debit alert?

  8. Anonymous

    Contact me on my WhatsApp pls

  9. Jay

    Hello…after using the the flashfund apk for fake alert,what if there was no money on the receiving account before the flash,can the money flashed be withdrawn before its expires?

  10. Anonymous

    How can i get this app

  11. Lawrence

    hi I need the app cuz someone frauded me

    so I already know how to go about it

    send me the adress to pay to

  12. Constancy

    I need it and tutorials

  13. Legover

    How can I get this, it’s urgently

  14. Joel Philip

    Please how can i make payment to get the fake alert app. I seriously need it.

  15. Samuel Andrew

    How do I get the flash fund tools and the fake btc tools

  16. gHoST

    What’s the amount in Nigerian currency

  17. Please I need this app or gently send me payment methods so that I can make my payment for the app how much is it in Nigeria

  18. Achewire

    I need this app boss

  19. Anonymous

    How can I get this app
    Need it and his much arenmy paying?

  20. Thanks for the apps… There are all as you said they are

  21. Kelvin

    Please how do I contact the admin?

  22. N.B.A

    How can I download the app on my phone

  23. Don

    Please how can I get the app?

  24. Kelvin

    Please email me, I can’t reach you, so you email me, because I need the app badly

  25. Ifiiii

    I downloaded the app but they asked me to pay $100 Bitcoin before I can flash funds

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