Flash Funds Scam Review

Is flashfunds.org scam?

Is flashfunds.org scam?

The answer is capital YES! just stay away from them. They will reap you off your money and will never give you anything working.

Flashfunds.org is a scam website that claims to have flash funds app and they will ask you to pay. After payment they will block you and won’t give you any working app they’re fraudsters! Stay clear!

I am sure most of you must have heard of hackbanks.com if you have heard of this hackbanks.com website they have been scamming workers too and is the same person that is also operating this flashfunds.org he is acting innocent by backlashing hackbanks.com tagging it scam in order to gain your trust and then scam you.

Hackbanks.com has cast, almost every hustlers knows is scam that’s why the idiot developed flashfunds.org and now he is using to gain your trusts and scam you.

the scam website flashfunds.org is scam and it not even upto two months, this post was made on Monday 03/August/2020 below is a screenshot from our findings so we decided to show you a screenshot of how old the scam website is.

calm down and watch the screen recorder video.

i am sure you now understand, above Screenrecord is a prove of how old the site is, now when you chat them up ask them how long they have been existing they will lie to you that they have been into the dark web for long and decided to come on the main web, now with actual sense how can a dark website that has been in dark Web for long decide to come on main web? Funny to be honest. Now have a look at below bank details, is what they will give you to pay to.

Do not forget to report below bank account details, you must report it to stop such nonsense otherwise they will scam more hustlers that are looking for a way to survive.


Flashfunds.org scam Review
report this bank account if you can to help curb fraud. Do not stay and watch hustlers get scammed by this hungry cheap scammer.

thank you for dropping by and reading Flashfunds.org scam Review share this post to all groups you know hustlers are and to every social media group and let them know about the fraudster before they rip more hustlers.

Drop your comments below and always come back to flashfunds.com.ng for more scam Review exposing Al the impersonators out there claiming to have flash funds and scamming people.

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