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134 Thoughts to “How to do Fake Bank Alert in Nigeria 2021 – Mobile Apps”

  1. Tejiri

    I used the Lofty Sms but didn’t work out as expected because of some reasons you already stated in your post. Slow or no delivery and composition. Flash funds still remains the best

    Thanks for sharing..

  2. Good to know. Thanks dropping your feedback

  3. Lovefboy

    Hello sir

    Please I’ve been using the flash funds for a while now but it suddenly started showing crash!

    Please I need your help

  4. Hey @loverboy. Kindly contact us with the you used in purchasing flash funds so we can send you the update.

    Upload and activate the update again and then feed us back.

  5. Joel

    Please sir

    Can the recipient withdraw the flashed money from the account?

  6. Not at all my man. The money is just gonna be added to the victims account as fake balance and hence, can’t be withdrawn

  7. Olamilekan


    Your updates has always been helpful here. We hail you all the way from Nigeria 🇳🇬

  8. Chibueze

    Boss please I just sent an email message. I’ve been waiting for your response for the past 5hrs.would be glad if you respond on time


  9. Jorodan

    Without doubt, Flash Funds is really the Best. What I fucking love most is the auto bank balance update feature

    I really appreciate your good work boss 🙏

  10. @JoroDan, thanks for commenting

    We are glad our updates have been so helpful. Always at your service

  11. Fidelis

    Thanks boss. I wish I can even meet you in real at least to show appreciation

  12. For security reasons, we don’t meet anyone in person. However, whatever appreciation you’ve got can be shown here

  13. Rhodha

    Thanks sir. Flash funds is awesome app indeed

  14. Oluchukwu

    I was currently discussing with a bank insider on the possibility of getting the funds out after flashing

    We even tested with his own bank account but when trying to withdraw, it was showing insufficient balance even though the balance was there

  15. You can’t withdraw flashed funds. It’s only meant to send fake bank alerts

  16. Bigdul

    I always come here for tools. I’ve gotten almost all your tools even the ones I don’t need ☺

    You are awesome boss

  17. Obed

    My greatest joy about knowing your website is the fact that I understand every little thing you write

  18. Happiness

    Yo. You’ve always been of help fellow hustlers. Please keep it up man.

  19. Buhamah

    I was wondering if I can install flash funds tool on a rooted phone.

  20. So long you are using android device, rooted or not “it will work fine”

  21. Mr Young

    I love everything I see here. Only purchased Xcaret100 but would be coming back soon for this flash funds

  22. Anytime, anyday, we are always available for u

  23. Ossai

    Please sir. I’ve got many BVN and Bank details from Bank insider and I need a tool for BVN withdrawal

  24. Cardro Pro can help run BVN withdrawal
    You can use the search button to find the software as it’s also available on our website

  25. Clyde

    You’ve been my savior

    Thanks man wherever you are. More grace!!!!!!

  26. We are glad we put smiles in your face. Thanks for been our blog reader

  27. Xoobie

    I got the app through you already but am kinda scared of losing it. I am just skeptical of losing the app

  28. If anything happens, so long you purchased the app from us, just message us with your purchased email address “we will forward app again”

  29. Friday

    Boss of all Bosses, We hail o

  30. Raymond

    Currently broke when I got this update. But would gather some funds asap because I need this tool badly

  31. Anytime, anyday, you will meet uus here

  32. Flora

    Pls sir, do you have a yahoo boys WhatsApp group, pls drop the link or create one. I will like to get one of the xcaret, how can i pay

  33. No pal

    It’s too risky having a yahoo Boys Group because anyone can possibly join. We don’t plan having one either

    As for the Xcaret100, you can contact us privately via email or whatsapp

  34. Boluwatife Original

    Thanks sir for an eye opening opportunity. I’ve made so much cash with this app and I will definitely get more of your apps. Let me still rock on with this

  35. No issues man. Always available here

  36. Fidelis Ryan

    I need an app which I can Use to flash Chinese bank. I recently purchased some goods I would want to use fake alerts for

    Any help please (and what’s the cost)?

  37. Hello Fidelis, Flash Funds is not made for international Accounts. If you are looking forward to flash international accounts then you should go for softwares like CardCumbo

  38. Freeman

    Boss am Saying thanks from Lagos Nigeria. Your updates has always kept me going

  39. George Taylor

    I would like to get Your software but the payment method. Please is there no alternative payment means?

  40. Can you reach us privately? Let’s see what we can do

  41. Owede iroro

    Awesome and easy to use software (I mean the flash funds) it’s super easy to use

  42. Oladele

    Flash funds is indeed the Best fake alert app, it’s smart and cool

  43. Yeah bro. It’s smart and does fast delivery comparing other fake alert apps we’ve shared so far on this blog

  44. Ben

    Is there any way I can increase the daily transaction limit? Would love to be doing more than 4times daily

  45. You can’t increase the daily limits man. You can only flash four times daily

  46. Josiah

    Thanks bro. I just made the purchase and I must comment it’s best

  47. Always at your service sir Josiah

  48. Chris Orgi

    What about using the app on more than one phone?

  49. Bridget

    I have Samsung Galaxy S6 and I wanna confirm if your app select devices

  50. It will work on any phone model so long it’s android operating system

  51. Anonymous

    I’ve not used this app because I don’t think I really need it but I can boldly say, am doing well with other of your apps. Thanks boss

  52. Song Otedola

    Dope. Ever since I’ve been using Flash funds, I’ve never gotten issues

  53. Zax

    Can I send the app to other phones
    Will it work

  54. Zax

    How can I pay for the app😎

    1. You can make payment through Ven, Payoneer or Bitcoin. Chat us on what’sapp for details

  55. Richporter

    Sir, can I send you a credit card details and purchase the app for me, I need the tool badly

    1. how can you be sending me card to purchase app for u?

  56. Tickky sounds

    I need the flash funds tools

    1. You can send us private message

      Flash funds cost $70

  57. Tickky sounds

    I need the flash funds tools

  58. Wike

    Hello how can I get the xcaret100,i have cards worth of millions to debit,

  59. Johnson

    Wow, I think I will be interested in flashfund app.

  60. Tiztech

    Hi John do you have any tool that can flash btc too. Thanks in advance

    1. Yeah. You can checkout Coinceller here Best Bitcoin flashing app

  61. Hicurrency

    Please sir I need the flash fund app. P!ease contact me

  62. How can one open a paypal account that sends and receives money in Nigeria
    Thanks 🙏🙏in advance

  63. Ziggy

    Pls your watsap details and email, want to make payment

    1. We have our what’sapp button here

  64. Please sir I really need the flash fund app

  65. Samuel

    sir please i really need the flash fund apk

  66. Optimist

    How can I get it now

  67. Albert

    I really appreciate your toturial on fake credit alert and I want to get the falsh funding app from and how can I please get across to Me on time .

  68. Claw

    I wanto buy the Bitcoin cashout guide but you’ve not been actively online on Whatsapp,it’s past 2days wait time😩😩

  69. Smart

    I need the flash fund ,how to I make payment.

  70. How can I wire international atm debit card with only the debit cards number and without pin pls.

  71. David

    I have messaged you on WhatsApp but no replies how can I paid for the app

  72. Jasper

    I want to buy the flast fund app and I have messaged you on WhatsApp but you have not been online am waiting for your reply

  73. Anonymous

    Is it must that the victim must tell u his or her account name b/4 it could work

  74. Justice

    I need Xcaret100 software

  75. Tony

    Hello boss, i need the flash fund app but don’t know how to pay for it

  76. Escobar

    Please I would love to buy the flash fund how can I make payment

  77. Cadeee

    Thanks for the software

  78. Soft Sugar

    Hi I need a flash fund tool

  79. Olasunkanmi

    Hw much is the flash fund in Naira

  80. Please Boss I Just Want To Begin.What Can I Do.Help Me Boss I Promised If You Help Me You Will Be My Mentor.May God Help You Too

  81. Cosmos Jessy

    Sir I have been following ur post I really o need the Flash Fund APK but I don’t have a Bitcoin wallet. Buy I have tried to register an account but I didn’t pass the blockhain verification….sir is there any other ways I can make payment?

  82. King

    Hi i need flash fund

  83. Anonymous

    Pls how can i cant a flash fund 8.0 with a activation key

  84. Anonymous

    How can i pay for flash funds 8.0

  85. Juge

    This is the best

  86. Sandra Uche

    Oga boss
    You don burst my brain oo
    I swear even if u tag Flash Fund for $1,000 dollars I swear I go buy!!
    In a week I’ve already made 450,000 naira clean clear.
    You remain my boss001

  87. Hello pls, i need d flash fund app but d payment issue (through bitcoin) is d problem.
    Is there no other alternatives like paying through bank transfer

  88. lopaka

    please i need the lastest flash fund how will i get it

  89. Anonymous

    how can i pay for flash fund

  90. Tonilee

    Please how dobi buy flash funds

  91. Bella

    Please I need the app

  92. Toni

    Please gimme ur WhatsApp I want to buy the app

  93. Zion Michael

    can some one help me out
    I need a PayPal account that send and receive in Nigeria q

  94. Draze

    Please where do I download the app

    1. Hey Draze- You get a app and activation key forwarded via email after payment

  95. Anonymous

    I made payment and I’ve received my app and activation code. Tested and confirmed working though just used once but am certain it will do more jobs.

    Thanks blood.

  96. Smith

    I need the app boss am only with bvn and credit card here boss how can i get the app and make payment boss of all hustlers

  97. Ice

    How can I download it?

  98. Ryan sunday

    I need to get this flashing funds but how can I make my payment

  99. yogo

    If I use flash Funds to flash a bank account and the person checks their Mobile App to confirm the balance, Will the balance be updated also in the mobile app??

  100. How can I send fake alert to any person, bank or Pos agent, without being caught

  101. Adams

    Pls who w can I get the app(flash alert)and the payment

  102. I like to get the app and make payment soon

  103. Mayor

    I need it please

  104. Anonymous

    Please Boss,
    Good day to you.
    I need flash funds 8.0 and Xcaret100 software.


  105. Wisdom

    Please boss I need they flash funds 8.0

  106. Waptipical

    Cheif see I need this app now now now, so tell me how to get am

  107. Anonymous

    Please I really need this flash funds and CARET100
    Now Now oo pls
    Drop ya WhatsApp number for me

  108. How do I get a fake bank alert
    Fake alert app for iPhone
    Flash fund app
    Flash fund tool apk
    How to send fake bank SMS
    How to do fake payment
    Fake bank alert app for iPhone
    Loftysms app

  109. Emmanuel OBJ

    Please boss I need I need the flash fund

  110. Anonymous

    oga @ the top need this too

  111. O la

    Please I need help

  112. JAY

    Really in need of this flash fund, How do i pay

  113. Anonymous

    Sir I need the app

  114. Adams

    This is the best thing ever sir

    But if I send to the victim alert

    Will any money be taken from my own account?

    1. Your account have nothing to do with sending fake alert so nothing will be removed from your account

  115. Ringson

    Pls how much is the highest amount that can be sent instantly with flash funds at a time??

  116. […] We once discussed Flash Funds Tool – The Best fake bank alert app in nigeria. That was in our previous post where we wrote an article about “How to Do Fake SMS Bank alert in Nigeria” […]

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